Personal lines

Personal Lines combines the power of Contextual AI to simultaneously filter fraud and automate claims.

While other analytics offer either fraud filtering or claims automation, has been able to develop a light touch solution that delivers both. Engineering this state of the art tool has been made possible by fusing the power of machines and a vast external data network with +20 years of industry experience.

The result is a non-intrusive solution that enhances your data, offers actionable insights on fraud suspicions and automates your claim processes. From receiving a claim to the final settlement, assists your claims & fraud teams every step of the way, without ever disturbing your workflow.





Automate 95%

of medical claims

97% accuracy


Fraud Detection

 Personal lines

Commercial Lines

Commercial lines’s Contextual AI - driven claims triage & fraud filtering solution has been specifically designed for health insurers to streamline claims processes and minimise leakage. It offers groundbreaking capabilities such as optical character recognition, intelligent claims routing based on diagnostics and self learning fraud detection - enriched by our vast data supplies and detailed key focus areas within every claim.

The solution has been expressly engineered as a light touch plug-in so your workflows are not interrupted while leverages its state of the art AI for your organisation.