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“ has been a fantastic place to develop my career. My role is continuously evolving, and I’ve led on a variety of projects, including building out the Ops department, becoming ISO27001 certified and filing patents for our proprietary tech.”

Lizzie Chisholm,
Operations Manager

“My manager cares about my career development, I’ve led key projects with real-world impact, and I work with state-of-the-art Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing tech, using real data and resources to train powerful machine learning models. It’s a data scientist’s dream!”

Fahad Syed,
Data Science Manager

“Everyone at was so welcoming when I joined this year. In my time here I’ve been exposed to all avenues of the business and really feel like I am part of the team. Everyone is working towards something great and I can’t wait to continue to grow and flourish as part of such an exciting organisation.”

Alvin Kamar,
Sales Development

Data Scientist

London, UK

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