AdvanceCare can scale by serving more customers, while maintaining an exceptional claims experience

Invoices from many categories, including hospital, dental, pharmaceutical, independent workers and optical were processed with a high degree of accuracy’s AI technology increases the work capacity and reduce the work volume per team member

AdvanceCare is now using’s technology to automatically extract relevant data from healthcare invoices. This follows a successful pilot, in which AdvanceCare cut down the claims settlement turnaround time to near real time.

Healthcare insurance group AdvanceCare integrated with the Generali Group, an international group present in more than 50 countries, in 2020. The merger enhanced their ability to grow and serve more customers.

With’s technology, AdvanceCare will unlock full end-to-end claims automation, allowing the team to index claims with far greater efficiency and speed. 

The pilot

During the pilot, analysed a significant sample of healthcare invoices across a series of categories of invoices, including hospital, dental, pharmaceutical, independent workers and optical. The pilot outcomes showed very high accuracy levels in the collected fields across all categories.’s AI technology will increase the work capacity and reduce the work volume per team member. AdvanceCare will be able to scale up its business by serving more customers, while maintaining an exceptional claims experience. 

With, claims handlers no longer need to spend their time on low-value, repetitive tasks, allowing them to dedicate more quality time to tasks that are more valuable and rewarding, optimising the customer experience. supports digitalisation and efficiency 

“AdvanceCare is continuously looking for innovative ways to improve the insurance claims experience,” said Sergio Melro, chief operating officer at AdvanceCare.

“We selected as our partner as they have demonstrated that their technology and approach can take us one step forward in our digitalization and efficiency journey.”

In the past year, has partnered with several new customers in the Health and Property & Casualty (P&C) categories including an international health insurance provider in APAC, and other leading insurers Zurich and Metlife. CEO Roi Amir said: “We are delighted to be partnering with AdvanceCare, one of the largest health insurance platforms in Portugal.”

“Using AI in the indexing process will allow the AdvanceCare team to manage claims quicker and more efficiently, improving the customer experience. It’s a win-win for everyone and we are happy to be part of this positive change.”

About is an end-to-end claims automation technology solution for the insurance industry. works in partnership with major insurers, including Zurich UK, Metlife and AdvanceCare to build groundbreaking AI and data-led products to automate the claims process for customers.’s vision is to provide a frictionless claims experience to everyone in the world. The average time it takes for insurers to process claims is around 30 days. At a time when you’re emotionally and financially vulnerable, this is often frustrating and stressful. enables insurers to make a decision on a customers’ claim, in near real-time. Sprout’s technology delivers fast and accurate decisions and an exceptional claims experience, driving high customer retention with improved efficiency. 

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