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Our Al powered technology helps you deliver fast and accurate claims decisions, enabling you to better serve your customers Delivers

Process claims in less than 24 hours

50+% settled in minutes

97% claims accuracy

Peace of mind for you and your customers

Built by insurers, for Insurers

Developed in partnership with world leading insurers

Faster processing times

For happier customers and an increase in tNPS

Easy to integrate

Plugs seamlessly into any tech system via an API


ISO27001 certified for peace of mind

Trusted by major insurers
across the globe

How works



Policy checking



Our natural language processing (NLP) and patented optical character recognition (OCR) technology is optimised for claims. It can extract all relevant information from any type of document, from PDFs, to images to freeform notes - even if it is in handwritten Japanese.


Our technology helps validate claims, check for fraud, reduce waste or abuse, and identify outliers. We refine and improve submitted data by up to 300% with GDPR-compliant external information.

Policy checking

Natural language processing algorithms immediately contextualise relevant data, then validate it against the policy contracts and schedules to check if the claim is covered under the customer’s specific policy. Limits, excesses, inclusions and exclusions are automatically calculated.


Our deep learning algorithms leverage insurer’s claim handling philosophy to deliver the best possible outcome for the insurer and customer with 98% accuracy. Claims handlers can focus on the complex claims that require a human touch and a high level of expertise. can capture far more data, then format it so it is structured, allowing analysis into needs, leakage, and care quality.

Joanne Richardson Health Director, AXA


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