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While other providers offer either claims automation or fraud filtering, has been able to develop a light touch solution that delivers both. Engineering this state-of-the-art tool has been made possible by fusing the power of machines and a vast external data network. The result is a non-intrusive solution that enhances your data, offers actionable insights on fraud suspicions and automates your claim processes. From receiving a claim to the final settlement, assists your claims & fraud teams every step of the way, without ever disturbing your workflow. Delivers

Rapid Claims Automation
Allow low value claims to be settled within minutes while effectively checking for fraud without human interference
Data Enrichment
We use state-of-the-art AI techniques to enrich consumers 'data sprouts' from individual claims by up to 300%
Enhanced Fraud Detection
Actionable insights on which indicators make the claim suspect
Artificial Intelligence
Our AI leverages the power of image recognition, audio analysis and automatic document interpretation (Natural Language Processing)

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is one of the most important areas of insurtech innovation affecting the health insurance sector right now. We are delighted and proud to say that is leading from the front and has developed two proprietary algorithms that will bring the best text extraction capability to the market, Super Resolution and Super Duplication.
Sprout making big steps in OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is one of the most important areas of insurtech innovation affecting the health insurance sector right...
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Sprout welcomes four new team members

The first half of 2020 has brought about unprecedented challenges to businesses across the sector. While has been no...
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Goodbye to BlockClaim and Hello to

As our second round of seed funding has drawn to a close, the time has come to formally announce our...
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InsurTech trends for the months ahead

Emerging and evolving technology is affecting practically every industry sector you can think of. At Blockclaim, we have seen first-hand...
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Blockclaim’s 2019 round up

With the Christmas and New Year break just around the corner, it’s the perfect moment to take a look back...
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Blockclaim launches healthcare pilot with major European partner

Think of contextual AI in the insurance sector, and your mind has a tendency to go straight to the automotive...
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Speeding up the automotive claim process

Last month, we introduced an exciting new pilot project that was just getting underway with a major European insurance provider. Let’s check...
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Blockclaim to launch new pilot with major Belgian insurance provider

Following a lengthy period of consultation and analysis, Blockclaim is ready to get started on an exciting new project. The...
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