• Lightning-fast claim resolutions

    Transform week-long waits into real-time responses

  • Greater efficiency

    Handle a higher volume of claims with AI-driven automation and scalability

  • Better customer service

    Free up valuable time for claims handlers to focus on people

  • Advanced fraud detection

    Swiftly identify and reduce false claims

  • Boost tNPS

    Noticeable increase in customer satisfaction’s market-leading innovative technology can deliver true end-to-end claims automation with no need for human involvement.

Director of Operations and Customer Service, South American Insurer

The partnership has been a game-changer. The pilot phase alone proved the immense potential of their technology for full-scale claims automation. Their innovative solution aligns perfectly with our goal of improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Director of Operations and Customer Service, South American Insurer

AdvanceCare is continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance the insurance claims experience. We selected as our partner because they have demonstrated that their technology and approach can propel us one step further in our digitalization and efficiency journey.

Sergio MelroChief Operating Officer at AdvanceCare

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