About Us

Discover Sprout.ai: What Drives Us

Picture a world where every insurance claim is a swift and seamless experience. With our teams’ deep experience in insurance and technology, we have built groundbreaking AI and data powered products to enable just that.

The results? Empowered insurers that can provide an exceptional user experience, high customer retention and dramatic increases in efficiency.

Our Vision

Make Every Claim Better

Our Mission

Deliver groundbreaking AI products that enables insurers to make every claim easy, fast and accurate.

Sprout.ai Values

Hungry for Growth

Sprouts embrace growth, forget their comfort zones, and help Sprout.ai thrive.

We constantly seek to understand, share knowledge and learn from each other. Push ourselves with ambitious goals to achieve new heights as a company and personally.

Own It, Delivery It

Sprouts commit, deliver, and we exceed expectations - it's how we achieve outstanding outcomes for our customers.

We commit and hold ourselves accountable. Every product we build, every model we train, every process we implement, we strive for excellence.

Seed Innovation

The future is shaped by those who dare to innovate.

We embrace this mindset, planting the seeds for future growth, experimenting fearlessly and taking bold actions that unleash our ability to provide great outcomes.

Collaborate to Blossom

Sprouts cultivate collaboration and work together to create a vibrant and diverse ecosystem.

We are confident in our abilities and don't shy away from seeking a range of perspectives and opinions. We win together.

What makes Sprout.ai unique


Sprout.ai is made up of 34 (and counting) talented human beings from all over the world. We’re based across three continents and nine countries.


AI and data science are the heart of our business. Research and development is at our core. These aren’t buzzwords or supporting functions, but what we do day in, day out.


We are creating a positive global impact by reducing claims settlement times to a matter of seconds, helping provide peace of mind to every vulnerable person making a claim.