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How works



Policy checking



Our OCR and NLP technology extracts all relevant information from any type of claim documentation, from handwritten doctor’s notes to call transcripts and prescriptions.

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External data points, such as treatment codes, provider network policies or medication information, validate the claim and check for fraud.

Policy checking

All relevant information is checked against the customer’s policy documents for exceptions such as excluded medications.

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Deep learning AI algorithms determine the best next step and generate a clear justification for the customer, pharmacy or health care provider. can capture far more data, then format it so it is structured, allowing analysis into needs, leakage, and care quality.

Health Director, AXA

ROI within six months

  • Intelligence claims triage

  • Immediately determines whether claims are covered

  • Substantially reduced claims turnaround and operational costs.

  • 97% accuracy

  • 30% better than traditional AI.

Used by world-leading health insurers

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An expert will reach out to discuss how we can transform your claim process, improve your customer experience, and reduce operational costs.