Light Touch Solution

While other providers offer either claims automation or fraud filtering, has been able to develop a light touch solution that delivers both.

Engineering this state of the art tool has been made possible by fusing the power of machines and a vast external data network.

Automated Claims Process

The result is a non-intrusive solution that enhances your data, offers actionable insights on fraud suspicions and automates your claim processes.

From receiving a claim to the final settlement, assists your claims & fraud teams every step of the way, without ever disturbing your workflow.

Product Capability

  • Extract unstructured information
  • Automatically check policy information
  • Automatically assess claim validity
  • Enrich claim information
  • Fraudulent claim detection Example Enrichment Types:

* Customer results 2019


97% accuracy and over £1.5M fraud savings in 12 weeks*

Flag Potentially Fraudulent Claims

with a 80% Hit Rate at FNOL and 97% Hit Rate Overall.’s Contextual AI solution includes:
  • Medical providers
  • Substance abuse
  • Background checks
  • Fraud database
The Power of Enrichments

* Customer results 2019


£1.5M efficiency gains alongside a 50% FTE reduction*

Automatic Motor Claim Processing Categories

  • Liability
  • Theft
  • Total Loss Estimation
  • Leakage Claims


Property Personal Lines & SME Claim Processing Categories

  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Roof Damage
  • Theft

Integration Options



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