How AI-powered claims processing helps insurers beat inflation

Earlier this month, the CEO of a leading global insurer said that the impact of inflation on the company’s underwriting margins is now on the decline. However, inflation remains a threat. The soaring cost of motor claims led to the insurer missing analyst expectations in its full-year results. It is not the only insurer to […]

Why processing claims in under 24 hours is a game changer for insurance companies

More UK consumers are shopping around for insurance this year than in previous years, the CEO of price comparison website Moneysupermarket Peter Duffy said last week. Switching has decreased since UK regulators banned “loyalty penalties”, higher fees for existing customers, but higher living costs have led to the return of customers looking around for cheaper […]

6 ways insurers benefit from automating claims processing

Claims are a vital moment for insurers. They are likely to be the first time a customer comes into contact with the insurer since they bought their policy. They are the moment the customers discovers whether that purchase was worth. According to McKinsey, claims processing will be the most important function in the insurance industry […]

Joanne Richardson, former Health Director at AXA, on how insurers can overcome legacy systems, unstructured data, delays and inflation

Joanne Richardson spent over 20 years working in health insurance across multiple countries for AXA, including Mexico, France and the UK. She spent five years as a Health Director in the Group head office in Paris, where she developed group strategic initiatives such as Care Coordination. She then worked in Group Risk Management, leading in-depth […]