Our latest research report, “Customer Experience: The Claim Handler’s Perspective” provides direct insights into the insurance claims handling process, combining research findings with real-world perspectives from claims handlers — the people who know the challenges and opportunities best from their day-to-day experiences on the front lines.

Designed to support insurers in enhancing their operations and customer service, the report provides actionable strategies and detailed analysis of the evolving claims handling landscape.

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What’s inside?

The report surveys 142 claims handlers in the UK and the US across nine insurance lines. 

It presents unique research and perspectives on:

– The expected impact of technology on the future of claims handling, indicating a shift towards digital solutions.

– The changing role of claims handlers in improving customer experience and managing expectations with technology.

– Positive attitudes and readiness for technological skill development among claims handlers.

– Detailed examination of challenges and opportunities in various insurance lines such as pet, motor, life, health or dental, travel, home, business, income protection, and property and casualty insurance.

– The tasks claims handlers find most tedious, with suggestions for making these processes more efficient.

– Analysis of differences in claims handling by region, insights into professional growth, and how the size of an insurer influences its challenges and strategies.

Why download?

Challenges in different insurance lines: Discover specific challenges and opportunities in various insurance sectors to better tailor strategies for efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Advice from the frontline: Benefit from direct feedback from claims handlers on improving the claims process and customer experience.

Stay informed: Gain insights into technological trends that are shaping the future of claims processing.

Understand technology’s role: Learn how claims handlers use technology to solve common issues, making the claims process faster and more efficient.

Practical enhancements: Access advice from claims handlers on improving processes within the claims handling system.

Demographics and regional differences: Get a broader understanding of how these factors affect claims handling processes and expectations.

Additional insights:

The increasing demand for technological skill development among claims handlers.

Direct strategies for overcoming common issues like tedious tasks and inadequate customer information.

How AI and automation are expected to continue influencing the industry.

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