Introducing’s Values

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Although a lot has changed at over the last few years, our goal to improve every insurance claim and provide exceptional solutions for our clients has remained constant.

But as we have grown, it’s become increasingly important to define who we are as a company, and what we stand for. To us, our values alongside our vision define our culture. They embody what we strive for and touch all aspects of the work we do.

We believe that the values that define us should resonate with every member of our team, from the newest team member to our most experienced leaders. As such, we actively chose to take an approach which gave each and every person at the opportunity to contribute to this defining journey.

In light of that, we’ve defined our four key values, which we’re excited to share. They are a testament to who we are today and who we aspire to be in the future.

Our Values

Hungry for Growth

At, we actively nurture growth by championing learning, curiosity, and feedback. We believe in continuous improvement, pushing boundaries, and thriving in an environment that fosters development.

Examples of our commitment to growth include personal Learning and Development budgets, bespoke development plans for all Sprouts, exploring new lines of business, entering a new market, and collaborating with global insurers.

Think of it as…

  • Embracing curiosity

We constantly seek to understand, share knowledge, and learn from each other. Proactive learning and knowledge-sharing are the cornerstones of our success.

  • Forgetting comfort zones

We challenge ourselves with ambitious goals, constantly pushing the envelope to achieve new heights as a company and as individuals.

  • Opportunities to grow

We understand that a growing business opens doors for everyone to take on new responsibilities and make a significant impact.

Own it, Deliver it

We ensure the continuing success of by taking ownership, committing to our objectives, and delivering exceptional outcomes.

Examples of this include automating thousands of claims daily for Metlife, establishing Company and Departmental Goal Dashboards, and engineers taking ownership of tasks ftom Asana to production.

Think of it as…

  • Delivering excellence

Whether it’s building products, training models, or implementing processes, we always aim for excellence in everything we do.

  • Maintaining accountability

We are accountable to ourselves and each other, ensuring that we follow through on our commitments.

  • Facilitating respectful debate

We value diverse opinions and engage in respectful debates, committing to collective decisions, even if they differ from our own views.

Seed Innovation

Innovation is in our DNA. We believe in thinking big, experimenting fearlessly, and taking bold actions that lead to scalable solutions. Every action taken today can lead to a more prosperous tomorrow. Think of it as planting seeds for future growth!

Examples of our commitment to innovation include our unique technical patents, investments in synthetic data capabilities, empowering data scientists in their research, and constantly refining our commercial framework.

Think of it as…

  • Thinking big

We approach problem-solving with audacity, always starting from a place of possibility.

  • Embracing experimentation

We encourage experimentation and embrace failure as a chance to learn and grow.

  • Looking to the long-term

We take a long-term view, considering how our actions today will shape the future of and the insurance industry as a whole.

Collaborate to Blossom

Collaboration is the lifeblood of We thrive on diverse perspectives, trust, and inclusivity.

Examples of our commitment to collaboration include our flexible working practices, enhanced parental leave policies, celebrating successes through Sproutouts, Huddles and Socials, plus transparent communication that builds trust within the team.

Think of it as…

  • Defaulting to trust

We assume the best in others, creating an environment built on trust.

  • Including diverse perspectives

We intentionally include diverse perspectives and opinions, creating a space where everyone can belong.

  • Confidence and humility

We are confident in our abilities while remaining humble enough to accept different views.

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