Dental claims in 2024 | Download the guide

The dental insurance market is set to nearly double from USD 209.95 billion in 2023 to USD 390.3 billion by 2030. This growth is driven by an increasing emphasis on oral health, the rising costs of dental care, and aging populations. 

In this guide, you’ll uncover insights and strategies crucial for navigating dental claims during this era of fast-moving change.

Download the guide for:

Projections on market expansion, focusing on emerging markets and evolving consumer behaviors

An overview of significant challenges such as rising costs and regulatory hurdles

How AI, machine learning, and digital technologies are transforming diagnostics, treatment planning, and claims processing

The impact of remote consultations on claim frequency and policy adjustments needed to accommodate virtual services

Shifts in claims nature due to cost-effective treatments with 3D printing for dental prosthetics and restorations

Emerging treatments that could lead to more expensive claims but offer long-term outcomes

The trend towards incorporating more preventive care coverage to reduce the need for extensive procedures.

Strategies to manage rising costs, aging populations, and economic constraints affecting dental care decisions.

How enables to faster, more accurate claims processing from classification to settlement.

The importance of AI for identifying and combating fraudulent claims to protect profits

Ten key strategies for adapting to market and technology changes

Dental claims in 2024: Download