Pet claims in 2024 | Download the guide

The booming pet insurance market is expected to grow 15.3% over the next five years, making it worth USD 17.19 billion by 2028. Technological innovations, changing consumer behaviours, and economic shifts are reshaping the industry.

Our new, free pet insurance and claims guide contains all the essential information for staying informed and prepared in this fast-evolving sector.

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In the guide, you’ll uncover insights and strategies for navigating the dynamic pet insurance sector:

  • How AI, wearable technology, and telehealth are transforming claims processing and enhancing customer interactions
  • How economic shifts and changing preferences, especially among millennials and Gen Z, affect pet insurance demands
  • The importance of AI for identifying and combating fraudulent claims to protect profits
  • Projections on market expansion, focusing on emerging markets and evolving consumer behaviours
  • An overview of significant challenges such as rising costs and regulatory hurdles
  • Examples of how AI is streamlining claims processing and improving customer service
  • How processes pet claims
  • Ten key strategies for adapting to market and technology changes

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