CEO interview: Enhancing claims with automation

1 min read’s CEO Roi Amir speaks to Instech’s Henry Gale on examining the obstacles for insurers today and the potential for AI and automation to address them.

From implementing AI to managing risk, the conversation covers some of the most pressing questions for insurers today:

  • How can implementing AI change what it means to handle claims in the future?
  • How can insurers choose where to make decisions with AI, as opposed to humans making decisions?
  • What advice would you give to insurers looking to adopt generative AI?

Read the full interview here

AI and Automation at

Here at, our AI-powered technology helps increase productivity across the entire claims journey, so insurers can increase their operational efficiency where they can. From data entry and processing, to policy checking, to offering a resolution, can complete the time-consuming manual tasks in minutes, so claims handlers can focus on customers.

To learn more about how we help insurers process claims faster and better serve their customers, book a call with one of the team.

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