Sprout.ai are double winners at Insurance Times Tech and Innovation Awards 2022

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Sprout.ai’s ongoing partnership with Zurich won both Best Use of Technology by a Technology Supplier for Customer Experience and Technology Partner of the Year at the Insurance Times Tech and Innovation Awards 2022.

Insurance Times acknowledged the significant impact our groundbreaking AI and data-led product have on customers’ experience of the claims process. Our software’s ability to uncover data-driven insights, reduce costs, and rapidly deliver accurate decisions is helping insurers create an exceptional claims experience. 

The awards recognised how game changing it is for insurers using Sprout.ai to be able to make a decision on a customers’ claims in near real-time, rather than the industry average of 30 days. Sprout.ai is a clear path to high customer retention and greater efficiency for insurers.

This was rewarding to hear. Improving customer experience during the stressful time of making an insurance claim is the foundation of what we work towards.

“We’re proud to have won these two prestigious awards which underline the extent to which our world class AI and data-led software is changing the insurance claims process for the better,” said our CEO, Roi Amir. 

“When insurers use Sprout.ai, they are empowered to deliver a differentiated claim experience for their customers. We work in close partnership with insurance companies, enabling them to pass on to their customers the remarkable benefits of the cutting edge technology our team has built. 

“Just as our partnerships with some of the world’s leading insurers demonstrate, these awards confirm that Sprout.ai is a trailblazer in the insurance technology space. When insurers adopt our end-to-end claims automation solution, they gain a real competitive advantage.

“I’d like to thank the Zurich UK team for partnering with us and the Sprout.ai team for their amazing work.”

We were honoured to win these awards alongside our industry peers and friends who are also making remarkable innovations in this space. They share our goal of enhancing the insurance claims process for everyone involved. You can read more about the companies and technology they’re building on the Insurance Times website.

About Sprout.ai

Sprout.ai is an end-to-end claims automation technology solution for the insurance industry. Sprout.ai works in partnership with major insurers, including Zurich UK and AdvanceCare, part of the Generali Group, to build groundbreaking AI and data-led products to automate the claims process for customers. 

Sprout.ai’s vision is to provide a frictionless claims experience to everyone in the world. The average time it takes for insurers to process claims is around 30 days. At a time when you’re emotionally and financially vulnerable, this is often frustrating and stressful. Sprout.ai enables insurers to make a decision on a customers’ claim, in near real-time. Sprout’s technology delivers fast and accurate decisions and an exceptional claims experience, driving high customer retention with improved efficiency. 

Sprout.ai has raised $12.8 million to date from top tier investors Octopus Ventures, Amadeus Capital Partners and Playfair Capital.

To learn more about Sprout.ai, book a call with one of the team.

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