AI and Claims Processing: What Customers Really Think

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Our latest research report, AI and Claims Processing: What Customers Really Think, is now live.

Insurance innovation is not just about technology. It’s about people and their experiences.

With claims processing evolving rapidly, it’s crucial to understand the perspectives of those who matter most— the customers.

This presents the findings of a study conducted online by YouGov for in August 2023. YouGov surveyed 4,442 consumers from the UK and US, examining what matters most to consumers when considering an insurance claims experience, what influences public attitudes when choosing an insurer and perceptions on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in insurance claims processing.

To gain a deeper understanding of customer perceptions about AI, and discover actionable insights for your insurance business . . .

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  • What do customers truly care about?

  • How do consumers choose their insurers, and are efficiency gains enough to make them switch?

  • Is the industry doing enough to educate and communicate to people about AI?

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About is an award-winning claims solution for the insurance industry, partnering with major insurance companies worldwide. Our vision is to make every claim better by using groundbreaking AI products to expedite the claims process while preserving the human touch.

Total sample size was 4442 adults, of which 2,060 are from the UK and 2,382 are from the US. Fieldwork was undertaken between 8th – 12th August 2023. The survey was carried out online.

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