You might have seen that we recently published our company’s values. As we grow as a company (last month we raised £5.4 million in a round led by Amadeus Capital Partners and Praetura Ventures), it has become increasingly important to define who we are and what we stand for. 

We asked each and every person at to help create these values, which reflect our vision, our culture, and our ambitions for the future.

Here, some members of the Sprout team share what the values mean to them, which will give you some insights into how they came into being.

Our values

Hungry for Growth

We actively nurture growth by championing learning, curiosity, and feedback. We believe in continuous improvement, pushing boundaries, and thriving in an environment that fosters development.

This isn’t just about meeting targets – it’s a commitment to continuous self-improvement and team development, says Yenting Lay, Junior Software Engineer. 

 “At, we believe in innovation, hard work, and progress. Our focus is not only on achieving our goals and reaching milestones but also on constantly improving ourselves and evolving as a team. For us, challenges are opportunities to demonstrate our resilience and creativity, and we welcome them as a chance to learn and grow. Embracing the value of Hungry For Growth helps our company move towards exciting new horizons.”

Own it, Deliver it

We ensure the continuing success of by taking ownership, committing to our objectives, and delivering exceptional outcomes.

For Steve Jay, Senior Product Manager, this value underscores our dedication to accountability and client satisfaction. 

“Our product is designed to solve complicated problems for very demanding clients. As a value ‘Own it, Deliver it’ embodies our commitment to accountability and client focus when delivering high-quality solutions. It’s a guiding principle that fosters a culture of ownership and empowers our team to meet deadlines, exceed expectations, and collaborate effectively.”

Collaborate to Blossom

Collaboration is the lifeblood of We thrive on diverse perspectives, trust, and inclusivity.

At, we harness the power of global collaboration, says Emily Weager, Claims Automation Analyst. By making the most of technology and embracing efficient remote work, we ensure that no geographical boundaries slow down our collective creativity.

“As we are a globally distributed team we embrace technology and create an environment where remote work is as efficient as being in the office and we ensure that distance doesn’t hinder our collaborative spirit. This way, we can pool our talents, insights, and perspectives from around the world to achieve remarkable results. 

“The talent we have at Sprout is truly amazing and listening and learning from team members has been an experience I wouldn’t have got anywhere else. ‘Collaborate to Blossom’ is not just a value we talk about – it’s a value we live by every working day!”

Seed Innovation

Innovation is in our DNA. We believe in thinking big, experimenting fearlessly, and taking bold actions that lead to scalable solutions. Every action taken today can lead to a more prosperous tomorrow. Think of it as planting seeds for future growth.

At, innovation is not just a buzzword – it’s what we do, says Fahad Syed, Data Science Manager. 

“At Sprout we are on a mission to help people at one of the most challenging points in their life. This challenge demands state-of-the-art generative models and a relentless commitment to progress, so we’ve invested heavily in research and development. Our goal is not just to revolutionise the industry but to make a real impact in the lives of 1 billion people in the future. ‘Seed Innovation’ exactly embodies this: our innovative mindset that makes impact at scale.”

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