How insurers can select the right claims for automation

Insurers are always looking for ways to increase efficiency while decreasing costs. One way to achieve this is by automating elements of claims processing. In this post, we’ll help you identify which claims can be automated, and run through the key benefits of automating claims processing. How to identify the right claims types for automation […]

How to build a business case for AI-powered claims transformation

Claims are one of the most important customer touchpoints for insurers. Swift, fair resolutions lead to happy, loyal customers and higher tNPS. Delays, mistakes, and a lack of communication drive customers away. The claims process includes: The capture and validation of a claim The checking of claim details against a policy Determining settlement and resolution […]

What is tNPS, and how can insurers boost it?

Transactional Net Promoter Score, or tNPS, is a way for insurers (and other businesses) to measure customer satisfaction. After a customer interacts with the insurer, they are asked to provide feedback. The results are a way to better understand how to improve customer experience and, in turn, enhance retention. Why tNPS matters An insurer’s tNPS […]