Our CEO Roi Amir wrote about why insurers should reassure policyholders about AI for Insurance Post.

“Insurance customers don’t trust artificial intelligence yet, according to Sprout Al’s latest research,” he wrote. 

“By not addressing this lack of trust in AI and assuming increased efficiency is fulfilling customers’ expectations, insurers risk stunting AI’s progress altogether – companies must ensure they’re bringing customers along for the ride.”

He described two key ways to do this.

  1. Transparency and clarity in decision-making

Insurers should aim to make the AI’s decision-making process as transparent and clear as possible. This involves providing customers with detailed information on how their data is processed and used to make decisions. For instance, in the case of a claims reimbursement, the customer should be informed about how their data, such as invoice details, policy coverage, and previous claims, were used in the decision-making process. This level of transparency not only helps in building trust but also provides customers with a better understanding of how AI works in their favour.

  1. Education on real-life uses of AI

Insurers and third-party providers can enhance customer understanding through educational content that explains the real-life applications of AI in the insurance process. This involves informing customers about when and how AI is applied, especially in the claims process. The aim is to correct any misconceptions about AI, emphasising that it is not a replacement for human claims handlers but a supportive tool that enhances efficiency and allows for more meaningful human interaction where it matters most. By educating customers on the practical uses of AI, insurers can bridge the trust gap and show how AI contributes positively to the customer experience.

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